Homily 5

[Based on collection of excerpts from Jan van Vliet via Ker ll. 418-464]

Orm bases this on Luke 1:57.

Latin pericope: Elysabeth impletum est tempus pariendi, & peperit filium.

[…] that great mercy that God had showed on her there […]

[…] and circumcised him his genitals with a knife that was from stone […]

[…] and beckoned him to bring parchment on hand, flesh and ink […]

[…] and wide(ly) scattered that wonder all that happened there then […]

[…] very soon should release humankind from hell pain […]

[…] blessed is God etc., that they wish to move close and to dwell [near] that Jewish people […]

God thinks now to give salvation quickly to life and soul just as he had formerly said through holy men. Now God wishes to release us soon from our adversaries, from all those who hate us and oppress and diminish us and fulfill that which he promised formerly to those Patriarchs that oath that he swore to Abraham.

He wishes to take us out of our adversary’s hand soon.

[…] so that nothing here shall hinder or delay us serving our Lord always while this life lasts for us.

[…] that mercy that now soon shall burst forth to spread heaven’s sunbeam and heaven’s light and gleam from those who have long been in heavy darkness […]

[…] to heaven’s peacefulness, to heaven’s place’s peace & prosperity […]

[…] or immediately afterward it comes to him that nothing might speak of that which should be […]

[…] the lack of confidence (to speak of something) […]

[…] Saturday. Sunday. […]

[…] to atone for all that sin that he had done […]

[…] and it was loathsome to him to sin […]

[…] if he was not aware of that which happened there to him and grant that he was certain of that etc.

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