Come Muddle with Me!

Welcome to Muddling through the Medieval! This blog is dedicated to my efforts to research and write a dissertation on early medieval English literature, the title of which is currently “Wræclastas: Paths of Redemption in Early Medieval English Literature.” I will post new findings in my manuscript research, pictures of pretty and ugly manuscripts alike (the poor Ormulum), random brainstorms, occasional “Eureka!” outbursts, and general medieval fun.

I believe the title, Muddling through the Medieval, is an apt title because more often than not I find myself taking two steps forward and one step back with each new discovery that I make. Perhaps I am “working” my way through the medieval, but that word neglects the confusion, and often frustration, in which I sometimes find myself. No, this challenge is most definitely an exercise in muddling. I hope you’ll join me!

About carlamthomas

I received my PhD in 2016, and I'm finishing up a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship at New York University this year. Next year, barring some last second postdoc or job coming through, I will be living in Tennessee with my husband, dog, and cat to save money while I go on the academic job market yet again. My concentration is Early Middle English literature, language, and manuscript culture although this stretches from Old English influences to later Middle English iterations of developments in my period. I'm also an intersectional feminist, trying to inject such theory into some of my newer work, and I dabble in the monstrous (pre-modern and modern) on occasion.
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2 Responses to Come Muddle with Me!

  1. Joaquin says:

    Hi Carla! I like yo blooogggg :3

  2. Maria Cabrero says:

    Great idea! I’m already looking forward to reading your entries and seeing all the photos. I wish you the very best.

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