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I received my PhD in 2016, and I'm finishing up a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship at New York University this year. Next year, barring some last second postdoc or job coming through, I will be living in Tennessee with my husband, dog, and cat to save money while I go on the academic job market yet again. My concentration is Early Middle English literature, language, and manuscript culture although this stretches from Old English influences to later Middle English iterations of developments in my period. I'm also an intersectional feminist, trying to inject such theory into some of my newer work, and I dabble in the monstrous (pre-modern and modern) on occasion.

Postdoctoral Ambivalence & Pregnancy

When you have no job but are pregnant, you have all the feels. Continue reading

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Why I Started Using Social Media Professionally

When I was a third-year PhD candidate, I remember sitting in a (mostly useless) required professionalization workshop in my department, and while I didn’t get much out of the experience, I do remember one piece of information getting my attention: cultivate … Continue reading

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Wriggling Thoughts: Searchable Ormulum

This is going to be a very short post, but I thought I’d go ahead and begin pondering the usefulness of transcribing Holt into a searchable online document. Similar to the accessibility and the search-ability of my translations, we would … Continue reading

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Dissertation Alteration, Twitter Project, & Orm’s Repetition Reconsidered

Well, I seem to be one of those “occasional” bloggers, but it’s not for lack of desire to blog. It’s more like a lack of time and energy to blog. Sometimes I post to work things out, other times I … Continue reading

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10-Month Blog Hiatus and What Have I Got…?

So, I finished the first chapter of my dissertation last November (right before my last blog post on a mini publication I’d been asked to write for SMART), and in January, my meeting on said chapter went exceedingly well. Sure, … Continue reading

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“Somewhere I Belong” & Early Middle English

Perhaps Linkin Park’s “Somewhere I Belong” is not the best song about “belonging” that could have popped into my mind when thinking about the place of early Middle English instruction in the Old English curriculum, but it captures the abandonment, … Continue reading

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“fyr on flode” in Beowulf

So, my first dissertation chapter deals with how early medieval English writers dealt with the sea, metaphorically, in a redemptive away when faced with exile/displacement. Exile at sea seems to be linked to the idea of control, ultimately. The more … Continue reading

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